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Atlas All Access

Nov 19, 2021

🤠 This week on Atlas All Access, Kurt Chase returns to the home office to discuss what's going on in the Lone Star state.

Exciting things have been happening in the Dallas office and Kurt shares with Rich some of the differences there are in establishing a new Atlas MedStaff office in the Texas region.

So throw on...

Nov 18, 2021

Rich and Stephen sit down to discuss all the happenings from this year's SIA Healthcare Staffing Summit.

In a year like no other, they talk about the pros and cons of the industry and how technology is now playing a key role in it.

Nov 18, 2021

🤠 🤠 🤠 This week on Atlas All Access, Braden takes the reigns as we check in on the Dallas Office by sitting down with VP of Travel Recruitment & Retention and also the head of the Dallas Office, Kurt Chase.

With this conversation, we get to know why Dallas, the differences and similarities between our office in...

Oct 7, 2021

🎰 Just when you thought Rich would never allow Braden back into the recording studio, they both are back from their trip to Las Vegas to talk about TravCon 2021.

With TravCon 2021 done and gone, RIch and Braden take a look at what we can expect from Atlas MedStaff going forward with TravCon and Rich has an exciting...

Aug 26, 2021

Where do you start? This is a question that comes up a number of times.

We chat with Braden Boex, Atlas recruiter, about where you should start, what you should be doing, and the steps along the way.

After that, we get into some other fun stuff on this episode of Atlas All Access.